• Founder(s): PD Dr. Matthias Schaier, PD Dr. Anita Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Morath
  • Established: November 2016
  • CEO(s): PD Dr. Matthias Schaier
  • Employees: 5
  • Financial Data: Privately funded 
  • Website:


TolerogenixX has a patented technology that can be used to suppress unwanted immune responses in the body. This novel cell therapy will revolutionize the treatment of transplant recipients and numerous autoimmune diseases.

The TolerogenixX method is a comparatively simple, fast and cost-effective cell therapy – the innovative and unique feature is the specific influencing of the immune system in the form of individualized (specific) immunosuppression.

Phase I of the clinical trial was recently completed successfully in kidney transplants.

TolerogenixX has the perfect infrastructure with an excellently equipped GMP core facility, which is essential for implementing the TolerogenixX method. Furthermore, with the university hospital TolerogenixX has one of the largest transplant centres directly on site. Heidelberg University also has a strong reputation among patients with autoimmune diseases and the Rhine-Neckar biotechnology region offers a large number of highly qualified experts and a wealth of support for startups.