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Entrepreneurship has always been and still is a driving force in the development of the German biotechnology industry. BIO Deutschland thus provides Start-ups with opportunities to present their ideas and business concepts as well as network at various events and conferences. 

The German Biotech Startup Report has been created In cooperation with Labiotech and with the support of Euronext. BIO Deutschland aims to create an internet-portal for the German biotech startup scene, which  features in-depth article(s), as well as company profiles of German biotech start-ups founded in most recent years.

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How to Turn Your Biotech Startup into a Successful Company

Germany has long been seen as one of the flourishing life sciences hubs in Europe. With its numerous hotspots – Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, Mannheim just to name a few – it presents the perfect breeding ground for every young biotech company. But what does it take to become a successful biotech company? How does a brilliant idea create a venture that will change lives? How long does it take to become a success? Questions, that all startups ask themselves at the beginning of their development. In

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Germany and the Biotech Startup Community

In recent years, Germany’s biotech sector has experienced a period of economic growth and stability. This is mirrored in a 2017 record turnover of €4bn ($4.5bn), as well as a higher number of employees in German biotech companies, which at 26,000 employees was significantly higher than in 2016 (with 23,000 employees). Where there were 241 biotech firms in 2016, Germany counted a new total of 647 companies, including 20 new startups in 2017. 60% of these new companies focus on drug development. What Germany Can Offer Biotech Startups With more

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German Biotech Startups

german biotech startup report, GBSR, verovaccines, startup, 2017

VEROVACCiNES is fighting infections and widespread use of antibiotics in animal health by using a novel class of combination vaccines.

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german biotech startup report, GBSR,, startup, 2017 has the goal of making precision medicine a reality. The team of six have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)

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german biotech startup report, GBSR, spinplant, startup, 2017

SpinPlant develops innovative collagen nanomaterials for several uses in the field of regenerative medicine. Their products combine the unique characteristics

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german biotech startup report, GBSR, mireca, startup, 2017

Mireca Medicines GmbH works hard to prevent people from going blind from rare inherited retinal degeneration. Mireca develops a cGMP analogue

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german biotech startup report, GBSR, DyNAbind, startup, 2017

DyNAbind’s mission is to empower researchers with the tools they need to discover and optimize drug candidates for a new

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german biotech startup report, GBSR, lifespin, startup, 2017

lifespin revolutionizes the use of NMR technology and is working on developing diagnostic and bioanalytical methods, as well as software

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german biotech startup report, GBSR, blucon, startup, 2017

BluCon Biotech GmbH provides a unique technology by which L-lactic acid can be produced with the lowest possible production costs.

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Company profile Assay.Works

Assay.Works mission is to accelerate their partner’s research programs by developing and executing predictive and scalable assays to quantify the

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Company profile UGISense

The proprietary antisense technology developed by UGISense AG overcomes the drawbacks of standard antisense technologies. Together with industrial partners, they

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Company profile NUMAFERM

NUMAFERM is a pioneer in the production of recombinant peptides. By lowering production costs significantly, they are going to make

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Company profile PreOmics

PreOmics develops and provides innovative technologies for customers around the world from mass spectrometry-based proteomics to support researchers in their

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Company profile TolerogenixX

TolerogenixX has a patented technology that can be used to suppress unwanted immune responses in the body. This novel cell therapy

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Company profile Avergen

Avergen seeks to find new treatments for cancer. They are establishing a drug discovery platform for protein-to-protein interaction inhibitors. The advantage

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Company profile Cenata

Cenata is available as a partner in all matters relating to genetic prenatal diagnosis, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), and interpretation

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Company profile Cellbricks

Cellbricks is a specialist in bioprinting, which allows the three-dimensional printing of biological material. Driven by the vision to advance

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Company profile Upcyte Technologies

This company’s vision is to establish Upcyte Technologies as the gold standard and preferred source of cell-based products for research

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Company profile Immunic Therapeutics

Immunic AG develops immune modulators to block TH17, TH1-mediated immune drawbacks, and autoimmune responses. Their main goal is to develop

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Company profile Heidelberg ImmunoTherapeutics

This company is translating innovative science into successful immunotherapeutic approaches. Heidelberg ImmunoTherapeutics is a clinical stage company dedicated to the

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Company profile Cardior

Cardior is developing a proprietary RNA technology to revolutionize heart failure treatment. This company aims to be the international leader

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Company profile Sulfotools

With their Clean Peptide technology, Sulfotools is revolutionizing the over 40-year-old process of chemical peptide synthesis, making it more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Company profile iOmx Therapeutics

This startup is developing next-generation cancer immunotherapies targeting novel immune evasion pathways. iOmx focuses on the development of first-in-class cancer

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